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We are here to help you acheive your goal of becoming Certified in the Business of Healthcare. Medical Coding is the fastest growing career , but Coding is just a part of The Business of Healthcare. Our Goal is to help you acheive success in Coding, Billing, Auditing and Compliance

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2022 Professional Coding Course

Our 2022 Professional Coding Course is available online and On Demand. Only $1299

It will prepare you for the CPC® Exam or CCS-P® Exam

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Risk Adjustment Masterclass

Master Risk Adjustment Documentation and prepare for your CRC® in 12 weeks

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Inpatient Coding 2022-2023

Prepare for your CCS® Exam in 12 weeks or Less


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LIVE Review Class

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Our Amazing Students

Passionate Life Long Learners in the Business of Healthcare

“If you’re looking for a course that will prepare you to pass the CPC, CRC, etc., credentialing exams the first time around, you’ve found the right place. Jen is a very knowledgeable  professional. She has a gift for teaching, and her enthusiasm is contagious! She provides a lot of extras, and she’s always available to guide you through those areas that are more challenging to make sure your learning is stress-free. I’m SO glad to have found her.”

Susan Gilstrap CPC-A

“Jennifer has been an awesome instructor! While coding can be very overwhelming to start, she makes it so understandable and really focuses on what we’ll need out in the workforce. She also makes herself very available for private tutoring and questions!”

Shelby Hernandez CPC-A

“This company is so wonderful. They offer an array of services. The tutoring program is awesome and the instructors are even better. Jennifer offers services that are truly affordable, and that help you succeed in the industry.”

Heather Bonnett CPC,CBCS